RelayHealth has a PHR that connects to the Microsoft HealthVault as well, so those medications could be included in the PHR for the patient as well.  RelayHealth is a part of McKesson, so chances are if you work at a hospital where they are the IT provider, Relay Health might be an option.  imageMany Tenet hospitals uses McKesson products and software. 

Microsoft HealthVault and RelayHealth (McKesson) to Connect Doctors and Patients

This is great for needing information and non-urgent care and provides an email exchanged that is secure between the doctors and the patients.  You can also use the program’s e-script feature for prescriptions and refills, one more paperless step.  The independent physician’s association is taking the pro-active approach here to encourage MDs to use the system.  BD 

ATLANTAMVP Health Care, a regional not-for-profit health insurer serving more than 750,000 members in New York, Vermont and New Hampshire, today announced it will begin reimbursing its more than 22,000 physicians for RelayHealth’s webVisit® consultations in most of its benefit plans. To help create awareness of RelayHealth’s patient and physician online communication services, MVP is partnering with Mohawk Valley Medical Associates (MVMA), an independent physician association (IPA) based in Schenectady, N.Y., to offer physicians immediate reimbursement and subsidies to defray deployment expenses. 

Physicians and patients using RelayHealth find it to be an easy, convenient and efficient way to exchange information. From the comfort of their home, office or any location with Internet access, MVP members can complete a webVisit online evaluation of their non-urgent symptoms, such as sinus or back pain. The webVisit's step-by-step clinically structured interview captures detailed information to help their physician make an informed care decision.

From the website:

What's the most important information in a personal health record?

Healthcare providers really need to know the following information in order to provide the best care:

Medications. Report all medications you take frequently, especially if you have been treated or prescribed for by other doctors, if you take over the counter medications on a frequent basis, or if you take vitamin and/or herbal supplements (e.g., Niacin or St. John's Wort).

Allergies. It is especially important to report allergies to medications or medical supplies (e.g., allergic to penicillin, allergic to latex).

Health problems. List all your ongoing health problems or conditions (e.g., diabetes, asthma, hypertension) to help your healthcare providers avoid treatments that might make your health conditions worse.

Health history. Store your entire family health history including immunization records, names of previous physicians, and special notes. You can also upload files such as scanned lab results.

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  1. i agree with this.. nice post

  2. Thank you Dr. Oz for stopping by and commenting. Yes we need to pay MDs for this service as it takes time, but the communication between the physician and patient I think greatly improves with adding email and the ability to do prescriptions in this fashion too.

  3. Innovation is much easier in a system that involves direct medical practice, and thus ecommerce between physician and patient. In fact, when you leave the whole third party out of the picture, it's quite pleasant, paperless and doesn't require any " staff" whatsoever. It's just physicians making house calls with our IPHONE ecommerce, marketing, EMR/PHR platform. No paper, no hassles, transparent for consumers and physicians , with 80% reduction in physician costs, and patients who are thrilled that you showed up at their door.

    Now that is innovation, that is value.

    Natalie Hodge MD FAAP

    Co-Founder Personal Medicine


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