Wal-Mart and several other big companies don’t want to change, why?  When companies are self insured, they are paying for your healthcare and then there is usually a point where a carrier will kick in, but huge dollars amounts are spent before that happens and it could be somewhere around aimage million or so as a rough guess. 

If you are not healthy and have problems, your sickness takes money right out of the bottom line – in other words you are eating profits if you have big medical expenses or if algorithms are run to show where you would be considered a bad risk.  This is too bad for all the people who work there as reform would do very little for them if this ruling stays.  I could almost bet too that all or most will be entertaining biometric monitoring, as it’s their dollar on the table and biometric monitoring with devices is slated to increase by 20% this year.  Phillips certainly wants that business and had an entire section of their website devoted to employers and will have representatives work directly with the HR departments to use the device in connection with their overall wellness programs.  BD 

DirectLife From Phillips – One More Electronic Activity Monitoring Device

WASHINGTON - Despite promises by President Barack Obama, more than 70 million Americans who have health insurance through their jobs could be open to higher costs or denials of some coverage under a leading overhaul plan making its way through Congress.

That's because large employers that directly assume the cost and risk of health coverage for their workers — including Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., Caterpillar Inc. and Xerox — wouldn't be subject to the same rules and restrictions that would be imposed on health insurers in the measure approved this month by the Senate Finance Committee.

Wal-Mart is part of the group. So is Caterpillar, which is a member of the steering committee along with such other Fortune 100 firms as AT&T, Dow Chemical and Verizon Communications.

Health bill exempts some big employers - Health care reform- msnbc.com


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