I remember back at HIMMs 2008 running across the booth for NoMoreClipboard.  At the time they were ready to release MiCard and there have been a number of features and items added since that time. MiCard allows you to carry your information around on a credit card type card.  This pilot program looks like a nice effort and a good way to get patients started with a PHR too, do the diabetes tests and give the results to the patient in a PHR that is populated with the results of the tests.  As we have all talked about the move to personal health records has notimage set the world on fire yet, but this is a good way to get started with information they would need at some point in their lives anyway and why not have it in a format that is easy to read, use and share. 

MiCard - Personal Health Record card for travel and the wallet

One of the best reasons to start a PHR is to have information you need to put somewhere, and in this case it was diabetes so 2 birds were killed with one stone in essence, patients were tested by the mobile unit and they walked away with their test information in a format ready to build upon to add more health information.  Getting the word out is a challenge as I just spoke to a CVS pharmacist today and brought up personal health records and basically heard “huh?” 

No more clipboard also works with Microsoft HealthVault to share records and the basic service is free.  Also, thanks to the folks and the CEO of NoMoreClipboard for being fans and readers of the Medical Quack.  BD

Hundreds of Washington, D.C., Patients Adopt a PHR as Part of a Community Effort to Combat Diabetes

Fort Wayne, Ind. – October 26, 2009 – Howard University announced that hundreds of diabetic patients in the Washington area adopted an online personal health record (PHR) from NoMoreClipboard.com and are actively using it to communicate with their doctors and manage their disease.

Diabetes is the sixth leading cause of death in the D.C. area, according to the District of Columbia Department of Health (DOH). Howard University Hospital’s Diabetes Treatment Center is one of the first healthcare providers in the region to integrate the hospital’s electronic medical record (EMR) with a patient-focused PHR to manage diabetes treatment online.   image

The NoMoreClipboard.com PHR was made available to diabetic patients as part of an initiative launched earlier this summer offering diabetes testing and treatment to underserved residents in the five city wards with the highest incidence of the disease. 

Funded by a DOH grant, doctors and technicians from the Diabetes Treatment Center, accompanied by a mobile unit, traveled to various area locations from June 2008 to September 2009 to screen and test hundreds of residents for diabetes.  All encounters on the mobile unit were then documented in an EMR system, and patients were offered a free PHR from NoMoreClipboard.com.  On-site staff helped patients set up their own accounts, which were then automatically populated with electronic information from the mobile unit encounter – including demographic information, labs, medications and allergies. All of this information was then incorporated into the hospital’s electronic medical record.  

“If left untreated, a chronic disease like diabetes can lead to blindness, amputation and kidney disease,”  said Dr. Gail Nunlee Bland, director of the Diabetes Treatment Center.  “A personal health record helps patients and their physicians take an active role in managing their disease, which will also prevent some of the expensive complications that could arise down the road.”  

    With the NoMoreClipboard.com PHR, diabetic patients can share their health records with physicians, clinics, emergency rooms and other places imagethey seek treatment.

“We’re seeing the benefits of the personal health record already,” Bland said.  “It’s improving care coordination, reducing duplicate tests and giving everyone involved a more complete and accurate clinical picture."

    Jeff Donnell, chief marketing officer at NoMoreClipboard.com, said when combined with a hospital’s EMR, a PHR can have very powerful benefits.

“The Howard PHR takes clinical information from the hospital and makes it accessible to patients who are often struggling to manage the data associated with a chronic condition,” Donnell said.  “Wherever patients with the Howard PHR seek treatment, they are better able to share relevant information that can improve outcomes and reduce unnecessary costs.”

About NoMoreClipboard.com

NoMoreClipboard.com is an online, patient-controlled personal health record management system designed to consolidate medical information in one convenient and secure location for easy retrieval and updates. Subscribers can easily transfer personal or family member medical information onto the physician’s specific medical forms; reducing the need to complete repetitive medical paperwork.

NoMoreClipboard.com was established to develop innovative web-based solutions for consumers seeking to establish an online personal health record (PHR). The NoMoreClipboard.com leadership team leverages its extensive clinical health care and technology experience to create and continually enhance a PHR system that is consumer-friendly, interactive, secure and interoperable with physician practice approaches to capturing patient information.

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