So far only 1.7 million doses of H1N1 have been sent to California, that is not many with the population we have here, and is barely enough to perhaps even begin to touch a portion of the community in southern California.  In the absence and until drug manufacturers can get more out, the State is imagesending out masks – 25 million masks. 

4.5 million doses of the nasal spray and about 18 million shots are what is budgeted and planned for California.  BD 

Hospitals, doctor’s offices and the county’s Health Care Agency are still waiting for an expected shipment of H1N1 vaccine shots from the state.

Delivery is expected this week, said spokeswoman Deanne Thompson of the Health Care Agency.

But  no one can say exactly when. Hoag Hospital’s medical director of infection control and epidemiology called state and county officials Wednesday, but couldn’t get answer on when the shots will arrive, said hospital spokeswoman Andrea Winter.

Doses of the nasal spray began trickling in two weeks ago, but those are reserved for children 2 to 18 and parents of infants.  Thompson said most shots will be shipped directly to private health care providers.

Orange County has received about 29,000 doses of the nasal spray.


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