It appears the CDs have been lost, but they could also be found.  I used to work in the logistics business and sometimes even up to many months imagelater, stuff would show up, in the meantime the word has be put out just in case as the opposite is also possible.  Not too long ago we had the news about the stolen Blue Cross Notebook with physicians identities at potential risk.

In this case a vendor who digitized the records and sent the CDs via the mail, registered and they are lost.  Hopefully the contractor encrypted the information on the CDs, but that was not mentioned here.  Seems as though the security breaches all are relative to taking information from “secured servers” for use or not uploading the information to a secured server to begin with.  Again, with all the privacy laws, etc. it still amazes me that this occurs, take the discs in person if you need to provide that format, otherwise upload to a secure location and this situation can be avoided.  The one breach though at the NHS though still for some reason kicks around in my mind, the data was all encrypted, but the passwords and logon information was taped on the missing drives!  BD

As many as 68,000 members of CalOptima, the Medicaid plan for Orange County, California, may be at risk of identity theft and fraud after several CDs containing their personal information disappeared while in transit, the agency reported.

"CalOptima's claims scanning vendor sent the electronic media devices to CalOptima through the U.S. Postal service by certified mail," the agency said. "On Tuesday, October 13, 2009, CalOptima discovered the apparent loss of the devices when the external packaging materials were delivered by the U.S. Postal Service without the box containing the devices."

The missing discs include patient information such as names, addresses, Social Security numbers, diagnoses, and billing codes. CalOptima said it notified state and federal agencies of the breach on October 14, and posted an alert on its Web site on October 15.

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68,000 CalOptima Members at Risk in Data Breach


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