Whether you agree with the site or not, it’s pretty distasteful, especially in the times we are in now to make a mockery of what the Representative from Florida is trying to accomplish here.  It makes you wonder sometimes when we suggest helping and sharing in the world today, how many are really prepared to do a kind deed for a fellow man or woman?  At any rate I find this sad and very distasteful and there are plenty of other websites on the internet to rant or have fun without trying to make fun of something that is very real and could almost happen to anyone today. It’s not funny.  BD

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) has set up a new Web site, Names of the Dead, to memorialize Americans who died because they had no health insurance:

Every year, more than 44,000 Americans die simply because have no health insurance.
I have created this project in their memory. I hope that honoring them will help us end this senseless loss of American lives. If you have lost a loved one, please share the story of that loved one with us. Help us ensure that their legacy is a more just America, where every life that can be saved will be saved.


Grayson announced this new Web site on the House floor:

Alan Grayson Unveils 'Names of the Dead' Web Site -- And Gets Punked With Joke Names | TPMDC


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