This appears to be a big step in bringing science and the clinical areas together, perhaps something we had thought would have meshed a while back but in essence in the working world has not really happened to a big degree.  Navigenics has been one of the leaders in the genomics side with imagefocusing their education towards physicians instead of an overall direct to consumer market.  What does happen when a patient arrives that has had some DNA testing done as an example and wants to offer the information to their physician, is there value, what specific DNA tests were run, who interpreted the results, and so on.   Most importantly, does the information contain information that could have an impact on any disease treatment plans, and many of the normal lab tests we have today are based on genomics as well.  BD

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Navigenics, Inc., a leading personal genomics company, today announced a collaboration to make personalized genomics available to doctors in training. 

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) has launched the Personalized Genomics and Next Generation Sequencing Training Program, a series of lectures, discussions and presentations designed to promote better understanding of personalized genomics and the next generation sequencing technologies available to today’s healthcare providers. And, unique to the program, the participants will be given the opportunity to have their own genomes analyzed through Navigenics genetic testing services.

Specifically, BIDMC hopes that this experience with personal genomics combined with the broad educational program will help its medical trainees:

  • Understand how personalized genomics might improve the understanding and management of human health and disease
  • Understand standards of scientific evidence applied to gene-disease associations and different approaches to risk assessment
  • Become familiar with the educational and informational resources for personalized genomics and its potential
  • Understand the issues related to the evaluation of direct-to-consumer genotyping services
  • Become familiar with the interpretation of genomic information and its correlation with related personal medical and health information

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center collaborates with Navigenics to make personalized genomics available to doctors in training


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