This is a progress report on the unit, in Europe it is now available.  Pacemakers, implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICD) and cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) devices all can use the Biotronik monitoring device.  This will keep you out of the hospital and doctor’s offices with remote management.  I keep talking about devices that report data that we carry, and obviously it is not limited to just those.

Now your implant will be sending data.  This is different from the devices of course that we carry with us for other reasons, but expect in time every implanted device to have some type of data reporting functionality.  The devices are coming.  Below is my original post back from Spring of this year. 

Biotronik Home Monitoring – Cardio Implant that sends email, SMS or faxes

Additional information can be found here on the patient information page.  They are using IBM and T-Mobile as technology partners, and well, after last week, we know that T-Mobile would probably “not” be an option in the US when the wireless service becomes available here.

The CardioMessenger® functions like a cell phone and you keep it with you.  BD

BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring Receives Industry’s First Approval to Safely Replace Hospital Visits for Cardiac Device Follow-upsimage

Berlin, Germany, October 15, 2009 -- BIOTRONIK SE & Co. KG, the pioneer of wireless remote monitoring technologies and leading manufacturer of implantable cardiac devices, today announced the Industry’s first European CE Mark approval for its unique remote patient monitoring technology. BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® is now approved to safely replace in-hospital device follow-up visits. This new CE Mark follows the recently received equivalent FDA approval granted in May, 2009.

From the Website:
Advanced BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring®

Figure: Heart Failure Monitor

Put the disease status of your patients under daily surveillance and enable early intervention in case of increased risk for cardiac events.

Use the transmitted high definition 3-channel IEGM to check the origin and the onset of arrhythmias as well as the effectiveness of LV pacing directly on the internet.

Continuous device monitoring

Get immediately informed in case of any system related malfunction by the unique early detection technology featuring patient individualized event triggers.

BIOTRONIK - excellence for life

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