Not too long ago I posted about the changes to VeriChip and how it now connects to data rather than storing it as the previous model did.  I think we need to page Dr. Halamka at Beth Israel Deaconess in Boston and see what he has to say.  He’s the only one I know that has been chipped and perhaps he has upgraded and is he connecting to his Google Health Records yet?

VeriChip Implant Links To Your PHR Health Records, Credit History, Social Security With PositiveID

I always say the value of information you get from those who participate and have some “hands on” experience are the absolute best people to speak with.  The video shows the device being used to scan the chip and get the records. 

For right now, I think I’ll work with mine online, not quite ready for this step yet, but that is just me personally.  BD 

When you add this to VeriChip’s previous marketing activity — in which they implanted the chips in cuties on Miami’s nightclub scene so they didn’t have to bother showing ID or carrying cash — the impression it gives is that VeriChip does indeed want everyone to be implanted.

VeriChip TV Ad Confirms Critics' Fears: They Want Everyone Implanted | BNET Pharma Blog | BNET


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