You can find the link right on the product page to the video below.  Apparently the company is expanding use of their social networking with hiring imagethese 2 funny guys to give the rundown on the Spanner Product. 

You can find the 2 funny guys at their website here to view other funny commercials they have done. 

“It’s called the urethra not Aretha.”  Is this a whole new world for marketing medical devices (grin).  BD 

St. Jude spokeswoman Sara Spafford Freeman said the Little Canada company "has not yet taken a position on whether social networking sites are an appropriate medium" to engage doctors and patients.

But some companies have figured out ways to reach doctors and patients in the socialsphere. One way is through smart phones, which are gaining popularity with physicians who ditch pagers and PDAs.

Med-tech is shy on social media use |


  1. Hahahahaha! "The Spanner: What's that noise? That's me peeing." I am nominating this line for "Line of the Year!" That was just brilliant. But the rest weren't too bad either. :D


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