The CMA has a new president coming into office, and his background is Cosmetic Dermatology.  The last 2 lines of his short interview say it all, he imagewent into the Cosmetic end of healthcare due to difficulty of dealing with insurance plans and the cost!   Being he is in the predominantly cash business, he also more than likely has the time to devote to the position as well, unlike many who are still captured by the red tape and heavy administration of dealing with insurance carriers, but it sounds like he has not forgotten.  BD 

“Q. Why did you change the direction of your practice to cosmetic procedures?

A. I enjoy it. Part of it was driven by the negative things happening in health care, the difficulty with insurance plans, billing and the cost of maintaining a practice.”

ANAHEIM An Orange County doctor will become the next president of the California Medical Association, at a time when the group is doing everything from weighing in on health reform to helping doctors get reimbursed for giving H1N1 vaccines.

Dr. Brennan Cassidy, who practices in Santa Ana, will be named president Monday of the 153-year-old organization that represents about 35,000 doctors.

Cassidy spent most of his career in emergency medicine and urgent care. Three years ago, he moved into cosmetic dermatology, which provides Botox, facial fillers and laser treatments.

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