We now have the founder of Cook Medical, Bill Cook,  stepping up to the plate and calling for radical reform.  Below are a few lines from his post which can be viewed in its entirety here.   We keep waiting for Congress to somehow get their act together and hopefully the outcome will be good.image

Also mentioned here below is a program called “Volunteers in Medicine” and the video explains what they do, retired doctors, nurses and others volunteer their time in small clinics to provide medical care.  He proposes federal funds to help pay expenses in this area as well and if a public plan is initiated that could also very well be part of the plan.  No insurance is not only a problem with the poor, it’s creeping right up into middle class as we read about every day with the current economy, where the banks are recovering but nobody else is. 

Good reading and an interesting plan to say the least and some real thought came forward here.  BD

“We need low-cost or free primary clinics that are plentiful and spread throughout cities, towns, and country sides.  Because many expensive diagnostic tools are not needed in primary care clinics, the cost to build and maintain these facilities is minimal.  When more elaborate tools are needed, patients would be sent to nearby clinic-hospital centers for additional treatment.  These procedures would be paid for by Medicare or Medicaid type insurance programs or a newly created Federal insurance.

Major costs in the development of national primary care in “local clinics” would be for education and staffing of enough new physicians, technicians, physician assistants, nurses, and nurse assistants.  It will be necessary to project how many primary care units are needed to take care of the 12 to 20 million uninsured or under-insured patients.  Operation of these proposed clinics should be financially maintained by the Federal government. Small clinic staffing would be determined by estimating the number of imageadmissions.”

“Our Company has built and staffed our own clinic that serves 3000 local employees and 2000 dependents.  In addition, we helped our community and regional hospital establish “Volunteers in Medicine,” a free clinic that administers to medical needs of residents from two counties.

Nation`s Most Experienced Health Care Manufacturing CEO Says Current Reform Legislation Is Misguided and Will Not Work BLOOMINGTON, Ind.--(Business Wire)-- An alternative approach to reforming America`s ailing health care system from Bill Cook, founder of the world`s  largest, privately owned medical device manufacturing company, calls for a focus on improved patient outcomes through preventive care using a new, national system of local medical clinics. "What I am proposing is a simple solution to our legislators and citizens who have had difficulty defining and understanding what the real problem is when trying to provide affordable, universal health care insurance," Cook explains.


Cook Group Founder Bill Cook Proposes Radical Approach to Health Care Reform | Reuters


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