I have used a Tablet PC with touchscreen and now I don’t know how to live without it, so with touch screen being supported in Windows 7, interacting with computers is going to become much easier even if you don’t have a tablet.   I still love my slate tablet and it works great for presentations all over without having to imagepull out the digitizer.  With Windows 7 all you need is a computer that has the hardware support for touch and who knows, this could lead to fewer cases of carpel tunnel.

Software will learn the scribbling habits, which before was pretty much only on the Tablet PC, so with Windows 7, we can look forward to interacting in a much more natural fashion, just have to remind ourselves that it is there and pull ourselves away from the mouse when not needed.  BD

Thanks to its full support of multi-touch touch screens, Windows 7 is perfect for a tablet PC any doctor can use to record, update, and analyze your health records.

The big phrase you will hear this year is All In One. It means instead of choosing among a notebook, a tablet and a touchscreen, they are all one thing. As the standard PC becomes an All In One, the price drops toward the $500/unit level seen in standard laptops

But wait, there’s more. Because the touchscreen is now supported within the operating system, applications will also get that support. This will also drop the price of solutions dramatically.

But a virtual page is being turned here. There are no longer any excuses for doctors to have tablet PCs equipped with a pen-like stylus, an interface just as good as the clipboard and, over time, better.

Windows 7 will shine in medicine | ZDNet Healthcare | ZDNet.com


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