I am guessing this is targeted for children but I guess adults could benefit too.  It is a wireless alarm system that you strap on before you go to bed imageand when you are about to pass urine when the device detects moisture, off goes the alarm.  It is wireless so Mom and Dad can be in the other room to hear the alarm and dash in before the mess is created.

It is worn in your underwear and once the device gets a drop of moisture, the batteries shut down so there’s no longer any power through the unit.  I post on many devices on this blog, but have not seen one quite like this.  I would guess the next move on this is blue tooth so Mom and Dad can be anywhere and have the “peebody” identified anywhere (grin) so then you could make a phone call and wake them up and better yet connect this to the Child’s PHR so all incidents are recorded for a full analysis if you need that type of data:) 

Sorry for the wit and bit of dry humor here, but when you see so many healthcare devices popping out of the woodwork day in and day out, well you get the picture.  Anyway, it’s not too expensive and if you think you could convince little Johnny or Susie with a problem to buy in and put this in their underwear at bedtime, the device is here and designed like a “space rocket” for appeal?   BD 

From the website:

  • Special electronics for long term battery life of up to 3 years (not 7 days or 1 month as in some other alarms) 
  • The Urosensor™ docks on the DRI Sleeper® alarm unit when not being used and engages a second level of the battery saving technology.
  • World Patent Pending Urosensor™ technology – it’s the only non-metal urine sensor ever. So there’s no corrosion by urine, no skin irritation, and easy to clean for instant reuse.
  • The special electronics make the wireless Urosensor the thinnest of them all.
  • Plus all these features:
    • No wires between alarm and sensor.
    • DRI Sleeper® alarm unit size: 80 x 40 x 20mm (3 x 1.5 x 0.75 inches)
    • Designed like a small 'space rocket' for child appeal.
    • High volume with a tamper-proof volume adjustment. image
    • Plenty of detecting area to detect the urine.
    • The Urosensor™ can transmit to more than one DRI Sleeper® alarm unit, and so there can be another receiver in a parent's or carer's room.

      How to use the Eclipse Bedwetting Alarm:

      1.   Put the Urosensor™ in the underwear (inside a minipad is best - click for alternatives).
      2.   Place the DRI Sleeper® alarm unit on a table away from the bed so the child has to wake completely to turn it off.
      3.   Switch on the DRI Sleeper® alarm and that's all.

      When the Urosensor™ is wet with the first drops of urine, it sends a radio signal to the extra loud DRI Sleeper® alarm unit and triggers the alarm – treatment has begun.

    Allied Health Bed Wetting Solutions


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