Bill Gates begins speaking about global health and he says thanks to the US taxpayers for making it a success.  They discuss AIDS and HIV as seen in the global world.  Bill discusses how smallpox has been eradicated and how close we are to doing the same for polio.  This is about an hour long and the focus of vaccines is discussed throughout. 

They talk about the clinical trials going on for the vaccine for HIV and the trial results recently publicized.  American dollars are contributing toward the research and trials.  Bill Gates come back and speaks about malaria.  Very good talk and presentation.  BD 


“LIVING PROOF: Why we are Impatient Optimists” is a story about success. Millions of lives have been saved, improved and empowered because of the investments in global health made by the United States and its partners around the world.

We have seen the remarkable successes—living proof that these investments are paying off. There are millions more success stories yet to come.

In their presentation at Sidney Harmon Hall in Washington, D.C., Bill and Melinda Gates explained why they are Impatient Optimists, and encouraged their audience to share the proof and become Impatient Optimists as well.

Bill & Melinda Gates Impatient Optimist Speech - Live Webcast: Tuesday, October 27


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