This week I spent a day at the World Medical Tourism Conference in Los Angeles and had a few minutes for an informal quick interview with Curtis Schroeder CEO imageBumrungrad International Hospital and Nate McLemore, Senior Director  Bus. Development Health Solutions at Microsoft.  In the news this week, HealthVault began it’s first steps in going international and Bumrungrad International Hospital is the beginning partner to bring US personal health records together to provide an exchange with patient permission between the US and the hospital in Thailand by using Microsoft HealthVault. 
One item we discussed as well is the power of the patient to make the decisions to share, with HealthVault, it is totally up to the patient to decide on what information gets shared, and we discussed the explanation to physicians who perhaps were asking for more information, the fact that it needs to be shared by the patient, as the PHR belongs to the them.  Mr. Schroeder from Bumrungrad made one very good point in how the entire Amalga HIS records system works at the hospital, it’s all under one roof, in other words, everything comes together well and there’s no having to search different applications for the information the physicians may need, it is fast and efficient and contributes genuinely to better patient care. 
For one example, tests are not duplicated needlessly and that not only saves money, but time and inconvenience for the patients in not having to redo a diagnostic medical test that already contains the information required to review to diagnose and/or treat a condition. 
Curtis Schroeder is from here in the US, in California with roots right in the same areas of Orange County where I am presently located.  He has been in Thailand over 17 years.  Nate McLemore also brought up the use of data reporting devices and their use with HealthVault and the focus on moving heavier into this area, as again, it makes it easy and simple for data to be added without the manual typing we all thrive upon image(not).  This is one further move into the area of enabling and engaging patients in their own healthcare and along with this comes knowledge at the same time.  In one example, Nate references the “Walk Me” program, which integrates with a pedometer and connect so HealthVault, so individuals  can track and see how much walking they are actually doing in a day, or perhaps track over a longer length of time, so we can really see how much walking we really are doing. 

After the interview I took some additional time to walk around the floor to speak with the exhibitors and learned quite a bit and I’ll save my summary of what I took in for another post of it’s own.  One comment I heard quite a bit though from people from other countries though is the fact that they are well aware of our antiquated paper records, the word is out.  Everyone I spoke with today was using electronic medical records, all the countries represented.  My personal thanks for both Nate and Craig for taking a few minutes from their business schedules today to share a few words today.  BD

HealthVault Goes International – Partnering with Bumrungrad Hospital in Thailand for Medical Travelers


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