So far the FluMist is available to children and adults who care for children, others are asked to wait until more become available.  The shots arrived but can’t be used as the supplies to administer have not shown up yet, so there’s more shots to be available soon.  It appears that there’s going to imagebe less of the traditional injections available and the FluMist will be more prevalent.

Orange County's first two swine flu clinics for the public will be held Saturday, but they will only offer the nasal spray and target limited high-priority groups.  Santa Ana and Irvine are the cities/colleges where the vaccines will be available, and the article states there is more on the way, just exactly when we don’t know as drug manufacturers are working to get adequate supplies out all over the US.  BD

The free clinics at Irvine Valley College and Santa Ana College will provide the FluMist vaccine to children ages 2 to 9 and adults who are younger than 49 and care for infants too young for the shot. All others are asked to wait to receive the vaccine from their private provider or future clinics, as the vaccine becomes more available.

On Monday, federal officials acknowledged public frustration over the short supplies and said the vaccine is being delivered as quickly as it comes off the production line. Statewide and in Orange County, the supply has been less than expected.

Late Friday, the county's Health Care Agency received the first batch of shots. But the 19,200 shots cannot yet be given because they did not come with the necessary supplies to administer them. Dr. Nancy Bowen, chief medical officer for public health services for the county, said Monday the supplies should be delivered in a day or two. The shots will then be distributed to private providers for high-risk groups, including pregnant women.

In Orange County, 22 people have died from H1N1 complications, including four children and two pregnant women.

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