You might think twice about shaking hands today, something that has been around for years and perhaps a more Asian style of a “nod” could catch on.  At the grocery stores you are starting to see wipe where you can sanitize the push handle, which again could be a harbor for spreading any kind of virus or bacteria that lives on a surface. I learn a lot by writing this blog and now I know what “beer pong” is:)image

The swine flu is slowly changing many social rituals for Americans, reports The New York Times. As it becomes clear that the flu is not going away anytime soon and that some people who get it will become severely ill, many rituals are changing. Catholic and Episcopal churches are telling parishioners not to shake hands during the Peace, and some are skipping communion wine altogether. Communal bake sales and pot luck dinners are a thing of the past and hand sanitizer is now in place at most businesses and schools to try to stem the tide of infection which can have a devastating effect on businesses' bottom lines with massive sickouts.

Students at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, N.Y., are being asked to refrain from playing beer pong, a communal drinking game, after an outbreak of illness that officials feared might be swine flu. Roman Catholic parishioners of the Diocese of Raleigh, N.C., have been instructed by the bishop not to shake hands at the sign of peace, and wine is not being offered for the sacrament of communion.

Swine Flu Threat Changing Common Social Rituals


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