Praxis is one of the more mature systems on the market, I say this because they were one of the first innovators to enter the market, and recently imagewith so many new vendors and others I almost forgot about them. 

They also feature integrated speech recognition and the system is “Tablet PC” friendly.  Templates in medical records has always been a highly discussed item as there are requirements for payments to have some basic information included and templates make that easier, but then there is also the other side of the coin with being able to describe problems and treatments with the physician’s own language and interpretation and it appears Praxis is offering the best of both world with the new version coming out soon.  BD 

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif., Oct. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Infor-Med Corporation, makers of Praxis Electronic Medical Records (EMR), announced today the beta release of Praxis Version 5 featuring Datum, a tool that allows physicians to use free text to create, store, and share  discrete clinical data. The Praxis Datum engine guarantees full qualification for Federal stimulus funds and is designed to meet future 'meaningful use' guidelines. With Federal stimulus funds under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) on the horizon, US physicians are gearing up to go paperless. The HITECH Stimulus Act promotes Electronic Medical Record adoption by reimbursing physicians for using a certified EMR. Those providers who fail to adopt an EMR will eventually face Medicare penalties.

Based on a unique technology called 'Concept Processing,' an intelligentneural network, Praxis EMR becomes progressively faster and smarter bylearning from the physician using it. Physicians using Praxis 5 with Datum canchart rapidly with complete freedom while also producing discrete datarequired by third parties. "This is a major breakthrough in Electronic Medical Record Technology," said Clayton Reynolds, MD, FACP, a medical quality expert. "Until now doctors were being forced to use template based EHRs to collect data for qualityimprovement and reimbursement purposes. With Praxis they no longer have to,"he added.

Praxis Electronic Medical Records Announces New Version 5 With Breakthrough in EHR Documentation | Reuters


  1. This is amazing and the system is getting better with technology and advancement these days.


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