This is a sad story indeed when you look at all this woman went through, after being misdiagnosed at the hospital when she had a kidney stone and was sent home.  Her 2 children help her get the day started with helping her put on her hands and legs, and thank goodness she has those.  The court case is being appealed so that portion is not over yet.  Miscommunication and different diagnoses between doctors lead to her being release.  You almost want to cry when you hear her daughter state that she is mad with “God” for letting this happen. 

She lost her job and her marriage through all of this too.  Nice to see the video with her great attitude and moving forward as this has to be difficult and a big chore just putting herself together every day with the help of her kids.  BD


(CNN) -- Every morning, Lisa Strong's 10-year-old son lifts her heavy prosthetic legs and screws them into the levers in her knees. He reaches for a pair of pants and pulls them up around her waist.

Then, at the bathroom mirror, her 11-year-old daughter gingerly wiggles into the space between her mother's arms, which are big and bulky and plastic, stiff like a mannequin's. The girl twists a tube of soft pink lipstick and glides it over her mother's lips.

But miscommunication between doctors and different diagnoses eventually led to her being discharged without having the kidney stone treated. That led to a rare tissue inflammation called "the line of demarcation," seen as a darkening of the skin in the extremities that slowly creeps upward.

"My fingers were turning black and curling. They looked charred," she said. "My toes were turning blue and black. It wouldn't stop. I had no idea what was happening to me," she recalled.

Kids care for mom without arms, legs -


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