This is a good interview from Dr. Fishman, who by the way is doing a great job on bringing this information to us.  In this interview he talks about imagehow Health IT, EHR information provides value to the working physician.  What is the right thing to do for this patient at this moment?  It is a long video so watch when you have about an hour of time. 

Alerts and reminders and other guideline information needed to be embedded into the EHR at the time of decision, critical.  Getting the knowledge into the EHR is still a big challenge for the doctor, and trusting of the vendor and making sure that information is accurate. 

He discusses the “freestanding” decision support systems that require extra time, duplicate entry and so on, again when it needs to be included in the EHR.  Dr. Middleton reflects on some of his experiences at Partners and some of the growing pains experienced.  He compares “Turbo Tax” with the decision support process, meaning you need to be able to trust the information being provided.  Software as a Service access needed for remote availability.  Small office practice is still challenged to keep up with all of the new guidelines and protocols.  He states a national repository of information free for all to use would be a huge asset.  Great interview and brings up a lot of software Health IT issues, potential solutions, and his own thoughts.  It’s all about bringing the algorithms together to make the entire process work.  BD 

Blackford Middleton, MD, MPH, MSc

Director Clinical Informatics Research & Development,

Chairman, Center for Information Technology Leadership,

Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

EHRtv with Dr. Erick Fishman


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