As the article states, most of the products are ones that operate as a lesser power or strength than the ones uses by professionals.  The market isimage growing and thus with economic times, the doctors may not be seeing as many patients, when the opt for treatment at home purchase is used.

In writing this blog I learn about so many different products, I had no idea there was an FDA approved laser hairbrush that claims to help you regrow your hair!  You have to be patients and use the product for about 3 weeks and brush in different directions according to the video.  At any rate with all these new consumer products hitting the market and many very affordable, the cosmetic surgeons stand to perhaps lose some potential clients, that is if patients are getting their desired results.  BD

Want to get rid of some unsightly hair, but don’t want to spend the big bucks for electrolysis or a laser clinic? Now, you can buy your own imagelaser and do it yourself.

The growth of the at-home cosmetic-device market, which includes personal lasers, has some professionals buzzing. At an annual conference hosted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Barry DiBernardo, a New Jersey surgeon, delivered a talk in Seattle about the pros and cons of the DIY market on the ASPS’s “Hot Topics” panel.  

“We have to make sure that the patients are getting good, safe treatments. If they are getting good, safe treatments, then whether they are doing it at home or not, I’m not as worried,” DiBernardo told by phone. “What I’m worried about is that they are seeing things in the Skymall on the airplane and spending hundreds of dollars, thousands of dollars on something that is not going to work or is unproven. 

Proving one man’s trash is another’s treasure, the wonderfully named, HairMax LaserComb, is an FDA-cleared medical device that claims to regrow hair (on the head).

DIY Laser Market Exploding, Cosmetic Surgeons Not Happy | Wired Science |


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