This is a new site about HIA both for patients and healthcare workers.  If you need more help in training, rent the bus.  There’s a lot of buses out there today bringing healthcare education around on a mobile basis. 

If you are the patient, ask your doctor to wash his/her hands.

Ventilator - Associated Pneumonia (VAP)

Surgical Site Infections (SSIs)

Cross Contamination (Contact Transfer)


If this doesn’t work, there’s a technology solution you can put in place,  which is actually very cool.  BD

Real Time Monitoring of When you Washed your Hands – Don’t Touch that Patient Until You Have Washed Your Hands

“The way the system operated with the bedside monitor, the patient will see the green light too, so they will know if you have washed your hands imagetoo.   If the green light doesn’t appear you get a reminder to stop and wash with your ID tag that will vibrate.  I can say this is better than a voice calling out.   This is a full on data trail of who and when hands have been washed.  Read below to see an example of the reporting functions.  If you missed a hand washing, it will show.   The reports can also be exported to an Excel spreadsheet too.”

At Kimberly-Clark, it’s our mission to find innovative ways to develop and maintain a variety of accredited education, equipping healthcare providers with critical insights and information on today’s important clinical issues. That’s why we’re proud to introduce the HAI Education Bus, an impressive new one-of-a-kind mobile classroom that brings accredited CE education right to your door.

Look for this tour bus as it makes its way across the country, delivering education about healthcare-associated infections and other critical healthcare issues from the plains of Texas to the California coast to New York City and places in between.

Healthcare-Associated Infection: Not on My Watch - Kimberly-Clark Health Care


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