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I stumbled upon this website that talks about the doctor playing his cello to raise money for charity when catching up.   Dr. Eric Roter is an ER Physician for Kaiser in the Cleveland area and played the cello in New York, working on street corners while pursuing his education and had the idea to use his talent to generate money for charities. 

This is the page to visit as you can listen to each suite of music and then click on the link to the foundation to contribute.  He covers quite a few and you even see the Michael J. Fox and the Epilepsy Foundation among the charities listed. 

The music is so nice to listen to.  I like his slogan, “tell them you were sent to the site from the ER” as mentioned below.  Each video focuses on one area of medical conditions he encounters in the ER room as well as the charity where you can donate relative to the condition shown in the video, pretty neat idea.  The news story below talks about how it all was started and the YouTube video below is a sample of what you can find on the website.  BD   

Here’s one example on YouTube below.  He has an entire page at YouTube. 

The Bach to Health initiative was created by Eric Roter, M.D. (“E.R.”), a Board-Certified emergency room physician and Juilliard trained cellist to help raise money for top-rated health-care charities.

While a music student in NYC, Dr. Roter occasionally performed as a “street musician.”  He never forgot the generosity of the thousands of passers-by who threw donations into an open instrument case.

After becoming a physician, Dr. Roter realized he could help far more people by combining his unique talents in medicine and music.  He recreated his street-playing experiences by merging his recently recorded videos of J.S. Bach’s masterpiece “Cello Suites” with his own videos of Manhattan.  Each of the 36 videos focuses on specific medical conditions he personally encounters in the emergency room and each is dedicated to a top-rated health-care charity to be used as a 24/7 “benefit concert” on the internet.

Music is the universal language and giving to charity is the noblest deed in the universe.  Please visit each charity’s website and donate a dollar or two (or more if you can) to help them help others.  Tell them you were sent from the “E.R.”

Bach To Health Home


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