This bill is too big and complicated, no kidding.  He states we are doing this for a political reason to pass this bill.  He wants to fix what is wrong with the insurance industry.  He says he has more problems with Medicare and Medicaid, but you know I do some billing and those go through very easily, imagebut they don’t pay as much as the commercial insurers of course. 

From a post I made back in August:

Are We Ever Going to Get Some Algorithm Centric Laws Passed for Healthcare!

“This is a bit of a rant on my part, but I keep looking at the laws that are being discussed and passed and darn they leave huge big black holes for folks to poke around in, and because laws are not specific enough, they get away with it because it’s not illegal.  I call it the “under tow” as it’s an entire “smart” community that feeds on the ignorance of others.  The “under tow” is growing every day too, and they like algorithms as it allows the use of software to carve out profits with formulas and base their compensation on helping show savings.  Those “savings” come at a price.

Now, we have Lieberman wanting to take a break, but you know what, this is not the 70s when we had a lot of “time” to make crucial decisions, it’s a whole new world today and I sure wish we had a Congress that would think in those terms.  Healthcare needs to be fixed and the longer we wait, the worse it gets.  Insurance companies love it as they can continue to do business any way they feel fit, and even so, when laws are passed, they want the “open ends” left that way.  

I think it is almost time to start thinking about what types of algorithms we will allow as a county to function, especially when it comes to healthcare and what we pay for it.  There’s big profit in providing those algorithms when we have the capabilities of our new CIO Office to create our own, and with some open source software thrown in to mix with commercial software.

Do We Need a Department of Algorithms? 

I think we might just be forced soon into producing “digital laws” so folks can read and interpret them.  I have written many times on this topic.  BD » Sen. Coburn: ‘I Despise Half the Insurance Companies My Patients Have’


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