This is interesting to check out.  You can use either the web based version of the page or download a simple desktop.  I like the animation and it has a ways to go yet before becoming a full on client, but the format is nice and responds quickly. 


This is what you see when you get to the website.  Overall interesting and neat stuff and I wonder if being hosted on the cloud will help with available resources on Twitter.  BD   


From the Silverlight Blog:

“Features currently available include the ability to run TwittZure inside or outside the browser and to run the application on all Silverlight-supported browsers. TwittZure runs in exactly the same way on a Mac or PC. It provides the user with the ability to search for specific terms across all public Twitter posts, even without logging in; it also allows user authentication, retrieving the user’s basic information and timeline. TwittZure functionality also includes the ability to switch between Search and Timeline views, which are retrieved and displayed in a paginated way to reduce response sizes when retrieving data from Twitter servers.”


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