One more incident, this time in the parking lot, but we keep hearing of more violence at hospitals today and this one is thought to be gang related.  BD

LOS ANGELES—Los Angeles police are investigating whether a shooting in the parking lot of a San Fernando Valley hospital is gang-related. image

Deputy Chief Kirk Albanese said no one was injured in Wednesday's attack outside Valley Presbyterian Hospital in Van Nuys. He said a gunman opened fire at a group of people who were sitting on a bench in the parking lot. The victims, who were visiting a patient, said the gunman yelled a gang name before firing. They said they ran into the hospital lobby to escape. 

Albanese said the gunman fled in a vehicle with at least four others.

He said detectives were interviewing the victims to determine their connection to the gunman.

Shooting at LA hospital parking lot prompts search - San Jose Mercury News


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