Nobody gets a word in, so it appears healthcare reform has driven some to drink:)image
He is attacking the Republicans for their lack of participation in the Senate.  Here’s a couple other recent posts about Max Baucus and his ties to the insurance industry.  BD 
Baucus and the Blues Connections – Bill Moyer
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In the video Baucus is slurring his speech in the obvious tell-tale signs of a man who has nothing more to lose. In a way it is sad because Max Baucus of all people has made a career out of working with Republicans. His heavily GOP state of Montana demands he do no less, and on this one seminal issue he failed his constituency.
Senator Max Baucus Drunk (Video) » Right Pundits


  1. "Seminole" issue? LOL!! It's "seminal", meaning "highly original and influencing the development of future events".

  2. Hey thank you for catching that, when I did the copy and paste of the text from the original item my good old spell check did a number on it!

    I have fixed it, but I laughed too when I saw it and appreciate you pointing it out.


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