IBM can make money it appears on the interest charges with implementing healthcare systems.  No word on whether or not any stimulus funds may or may not imagecompensate in this area.  BD 

IBM in its aim to extend its benefits from the U.S. health-care stimulus bill, is providing financing to help at least four companies put their medical records into digital format, reports Bloomberg. 
The firm has signed financing agreements with Siemens Healthcare, a developer of electronic medical records, and three other health-care businesses whose clients are converting data into digital form, Armonk, New York-based IBM said in an e-mail to Bloomberg.  The firm also signed financing agreements with Lavender and Wyatt Systems, Healthcare Management Systems and SCC Soft Computer. IBM gets 2.5 percent of its total revenue, which topped $100 billion last year, from financing.

Doctors and hospitals in the U.S. can win federal stimulus funds if they begin keeping medical records electronically. By financing the projects, IBM earns interest on the loans and gains potential clients for its hardware, software and services, said Christine Chang, a New York-based Analyst for technology- research firm Ovum.

IBM to finance healthcare firms for digitizing medical records – SiliconIndia


  1. I am on the fence over digital medical records. If the Pentagon has been hacked, and our United States spy planes have been hacked, then I am not sure that I can put my full confidence in Digital Medical Records. This system can have great benefits, but also comes with very risky consequences if executed improperly. If the chosen format includes well designed and tested security precautions, then I will be able to agree to its use.


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