This is interesting as we always here of the people of Canada having to wait so long for surgeries, etc.  This American investor owns the controlling interest of a hospital chain in Ontario and is promoting more tourism to the hospitals when space is available, in other words all citizens need to be imagecared for first.  Is this possible when we hear of many from Canada traveling to the US because of this?

It is done on a very small scale basis now with procedures done that are not available in other countries, but this sounds like it is an attempt to put the hospital chain into a bit of the marketing grind and drive some private revenue.  I guess we will hear more on this as it develops and keep in mind this is being suggested from an American company.  BD

An international health care investor is calling on Ontario’s public hospitals to increase revenues by providing medical services to paying patients from outside Canada.

Jack Shevel, founder of a company that operates private hospitals in South Africa and the United Kingdom, says Ontario hospitals could zero in on procedures such as hip and knee surgeries, which cost more outside Canada, for out-of-country patients

Shevel, president of Global Healthcare Investments and Solutions, of San Diego, said health-delivery models are changing, creating opportunity for the private sector to do between $1 billion and $2 billion worth of health business in Ontario within the next few years.

In June, his company acquired 53 per cent of Toronto-based Centric Health, a diversified health care company whose holdings include Don Mills Surgical Unit, one of Ontario’s eight private hospitals. - News - Ontario hospitals eyed as revenue generator


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