People always tell me to send item of importance with “bullets”, any luck of seeing this here, well I just glanced through the pages and have not sat down to read it all, but gee is the shape of things to come everywhere, even outside of Congress?  Can’t we do better than develop pages and pages of text that few have time to read, many do not understand, and for the best reason of all half will be obsolete by the time the 60 comment period is over.  I have said this many times over, technology is there to throw you a left hook every day, so we have to deal and budget for that, no 2 ways about it.

Are We Ever Going to Get Some Algorithm Centric Laws Passed for Healthcare!

This below applies to healthcare too. 

“Not satisfied with milking the taxpayer, Goldman and friends have also escalated the profiteering arms race and are looking to skim everyone in the trading arena - partners, clients and each other. Can regulators keep up with the speed of their innovation and put in place sensible restrictions to protect the rest of us?

I ask the same question in healthcare, can regulators keep up with the speed of innovation of the “under tow” here and protect us?  The answer lies in “Algorithmic Centric Laws”, no 2 ways about it, and the smarts to rethink the way we create laws, otherwise they end up being useless and protect nobody.

Shoot a couple weeks ago I wrote about Pfizer using some new Tablet PC software with some algorithms to track pills for use by their sales reps, who for the most part know very little about tablets except for getting a signature captured.  My point is, are we so backward that we can’t publish something in a digital format that is much easier to read and find references, you know like Wikipedia for example on the format.  Why do we have one side of healthcare up to the top on technology and yet suffer in other areas? 

Pfizer Using New Algorithmic Formulas Loaded On Tablet PCs To Track Pills – Sample Distribution

We need to get up to speed with how the health insurers run their algorithms and counter offer along the way here. Also while I’m on the topic of sharing information it certainly seems from what I have seen in the news this week that a couple other government agencies should perhaps look into securely sharing information on terrorist activities too.  Sharing and security are 2 needs that are not going away and need to be addressed, and technology and participation needs to be enhanced at government levels too, so we don’t end up with more “Magpie Healthcare”, as I call it, those who just repeat and don’t participate.  BD 

The stimulus bill that Congress passed back in February said docs and hospitals that make “meaningful use” of electronic medical records would get big bonus payments from Medicare and Medicaid. The bill laid out a few basics about meaningful use — reporting quality measures, sharing information electronically — but didn’t get into much detail.

The feds released plenty of details late today, in this 556-page proposed rule that lays out what doctors (a.k.a. “eligible professionals”) and hospitals will have to do to qualify for the money.

On the off chance that you don’t have the time or interest to read 556 pages, we suggest you skip to Table 2 on p. 103, which lists the criteria docs and hospitals will have to meet in the first phase of the roll-out.

There is an existing certification group, but the feds haven’t said for sure whether that group will be the key for getting a stimulus-ready system. “The lack of a certification body at this stage is a problem,” Decker said.

The proposed rules are, like the Health Blog, open for public comment. Final rules are expected next year.

Stimulus Incentives for Electronic Medical Records - Health Blog - WSJ


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