Health Tech Today has a new video uploaded.  Today Dr. Crounse talks to a CEO of a telemedicine/emergency medicine company who is 31 years old, he was accepted to medical school but decided not to show up.  He decided pre-med was not his thing and designed the company business model imagewhile in class.

Remote Medical International provides solutions with telemedicine and staffing.  This is interesting on how telemedicine works.  Fortune 500 companies use the company for training on emergency medicine.  They use a device that transmits 12 different vital signs. 

Technology plays the big role that allows a doctor to be on site in some of the most remote places of the world, the remote physician sees the same vital signs as what is shown in the ER Rooms.  BD 

For additional videos you can visit the YouTube Site for Health Tech Today. 

Dr. Crounse has his blog for additional information and other healthcare information that can be found here.

YouTube - HealthTechToday_EP101_Seg3_300k.wmv


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