The video makes reference not only to websites but also devices to be aware of.  Below are a few recent links that have been posted here.  

Pair indicted on fraud charges in medical-device probe

California Doctor Arrested on Fraud Charges of Curing Cancer

One that received a lot of news coverage was the EPFX machine and you can read more at the links.  BD 

Medical Scam targets the Desperate - The EPFX ...

“The EPFX is made up of circuit boards and other computer components that run software full of colorful graphics of the body. During a typical EPFX treatment, a patient may watch as a computer screen displays an animation of the interior of an artery blocked by white blobs, representing cholesterol. Then the blobs shrink and disappear.

“A retired Microsoft manager, Bergstein looked at the source code in the EPFX's software. It appeared to generate results randomly. "It's a complete fraud," he said.”

FDA urges consumers to be on guard against fraudulent products claiming to treat, prevent, or cure a wide variety of medical conditions, including the H1N1 flu virus. In this Consumer Update video, FDA health fraud expert Gary Coody demonstrates fraudulent products removed from the market, and provides advice on how to spot and avoid health fraud.

Health Fraud Awareness (video)


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