Pal is Compatible with Windows 7 - Vista - XP - 2000 - ME – 98.  I tried it out and have it loaded on my computers.  When you download the PAL imagebrowser it comes with partner software you can opt in or opt out with including the web cam software and the keyboard.

This is very interesting when you use the web cam and begin controlling your mouse with your head.  You will need to use the mouse to set it up initially, but this is wild.  When you hover over a link for a short amount of time, it opens, just like a click.  It works remarkable well.

Below I have listed a separate link for the web cam software only and all of this is free.  I tried the web cam software on a normal browser, Firefox and it works well.  The PAL browser has bigger buttons, etc. thus not as much head movement to navigate.

Ok, so now everyone wants to use this, you can and I put it on my Tablet PC to check it out as well, works great as I have touch screen capabilities on it as well.  This is a great technology for those with handicapped.  We will just see a few more bobbing heads as we continue to explore and work with different ways to interact with our computers!


This is what the opening screen looks like, so you can see with big button it’s easier to target your head as the mouse.  I have experimented another software program that is free called Banana Screen, which is also free to log me off and on my computer too, so add this to the PAL browser and the Camera Mouse and you are pretty well set.  Facial recognition software is pretty complex and Banana Screen is a free version that allows us as consumers to experiment.  Facial recognition may be the norm some day in hospitals and busy physician practices. 

Again the purpose here is to provide solutions for the handicapped, but try it out yourself so this way you are better versed on how to help a handicapped individual on how to use the browser, mouse and keyboard.  This is a real winner and all of it is free.  BD 

The ultimate tool for seniors, for those with physical disabilities, as well as the best companion for touch screen devices, PAL Browser is available for FREE. A personal online ally - Physical Assistant Logistics (PAL) is the first web browser created with friendly technology for everyone to surf the web effectively.

December 14, 2009 — Brought to you by People CD, the creators of Zac Browser - the first web browser for children with autism.

“We see a need and feel compelled to help,” says John LeSieur of People CD. “Zac Browser (’s appeal, embraced by 1 million users in the first year, gave us hope that if we could develop software for Autism, we could do the same for those with physical challenges.”


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PAL Browser, Helpful Software Available for Those with Mobility and Vision Problems | Press Release


  1. WOW! I love it! Thank you for sharing the Pal software.


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