I thought the big story when I announced that the “toy uterus” had been recalled, but Happy found some larger and more interesting plush buddies to cuddle with. 

You can even buy a stuffed plush virus, but they are smaller plush toys, we’re talking big monster pillows here. 


I’m not quite sure that the uterus pillow would fit my home decor and unlike the “toy uterus” it looks like the large pillow versions don’t have an issue with children pulling off the ovaries and choking. 


A pillow that gives us hug is great, just watch where you place it. 


I guess these are functional and do keep your neck warm.  These even come in green and you can check out Street Anatomy for more information here.  Happy has the run down on a couple of other items which you can view at his blog, he’s a hospitalist and can get by with more than I can (grin).  He states that he thinks that “pillow reps” might be taking over where the drug reps are leaving off.  BD 

Source:  The Happy Hospitalist

A Cozy Uterus at Street Anatomy


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