This is really sad and from what is written here is appears the patient/killer was shopping doctors to get pain medication.  When asked to take a urine test is when he exploded.  Other patients and staff members witnessed the man shooting the doctor too.  Not too long ago we had the senior imagepatient who killed his doctor in Nevada and a doctor who performed abortions in Kansas shot and killed too.

It doesn’t state what pain tablets he was taking here  The doctor has thought the patient was shopping for pills and was probably correct here and paid for doing the right thing.  This is a wake up call I think all the way around.  BD  

CORNETTSVILLE — A man seeking prescription painkillers shot and killed a doctor at a Perry County medical clinic Tuesday morning, according to state police.

Dr. Dennis Sandlin, 57, of Delphia died after being shot at Leatherwood/Blackey Medical Clinic in Cornettsville.

John Combs, 46, of Redfox in neighboring Knott County, was arrested after the shooting, state police said. Combs has been charged with murder.

The shooting took place in front of other staff and patients, said Mike Caudill, CEO of Mountain Comprehensive Health Corp., which owns the clinic.

Police say Combs went to the office to see Sandlin, the only physician on the staff of about 20 at the clinic in the mountainous southern part of the county.

Clinic employees said Combs became angry and combative after refusing to take a urine test as a requirement for being prescribed pain pills, Perry County Sheriff's Deputy Sam Mullins said.

Early Tuesday, Combs had tried to obtain pain pills at a clinic in Whitesburg, Mullins said.

When he was refused at the Leatherwood/Blackey Medical Clinic, Combs threatened to come back and blow up the clinic, Mullins said.

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