Martha Jefferson Hospital is making use of electronic medical records, at Cardiovascular Associates they are using e-MDs to view and enter patient imagedata.  The hospitalists at the hospital has access with patients giving permission.   

Watch the video for more information.  One item that is impressive here is watching the nurses using Tablet PCs to enter information, slate tablets that are portable and go from room to room. E-MDs, the records system being shown in this video,  has the training right here with using mobile technology to allow entry and data access anywhere. 

I have been on that side of the coin myself as well, showing how mobility extends an EHR’s capabilities and there are no carts to be rolled around, instead you carry the computer in your hands and enter data where ever you are in the facility.


The hospitalist also has access and you can hear what he has to say about saving money with not repeating labs and other tests that have already been completed and he has access to all the information to make better decisions at the hospital.


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