For those who prefer old technology and can’t get with the current day programs, here’s an answer for you.  You can hug and hang on to that old fax imagemachine and enter the 21st century through the back door, but it’s not free and you need to subscribe for a monthly fee.  This is a nice service but as you can see, if you don’t read up and learn, there’s a cost for living in the past.  I’ll bet some members of Congress might even get excited over this since so many are not familiar with dealing with new technology so perhaps this is a way to baby step into the high speed world we live in today.

You do not even need an internet connection for this service, just a phone line so here we go back to dial up speeds but with a fax transmission, that’s what you get anyway.  They do offer a 30 day trial. 

You write things on paper in longhand (oh gosh what a lot of work) and feed through a fax machine.  Kudos to the company that thought of this system as it is there to help the technically challenged and those who refuse to learn new methodologies.  Now if a physician were to use such a service, be sure an buy a shredder as well to be HIPAA compliant.  BD

One Hell of a Training Program Needed – The ...

From the website:

“Let's face it: you use email, facebook and twitter to keep in touch. But when was the last time you sent Grandma a snail mail? Stop feeling guilty about it and purchase Celery's affordable solution today.

With Celery, you can send email to your non-computer using parents/grandparents without forcing them to learn anything new. You'll also get their handwritten letters (and those hometown newspaper clippings) delivered directly to your email inbox.

But this isn't just about your convenience. Imagine Grandma's excitement when the color photo you just snapped on your cell phone instantly prints out of her new Celery machine. She didn't have to turn on a computer, worry about viruses, or even ask for your help. Celery has been specifically designed to be effortless for seniors.”

Celery is a simple system that allows non-computer users to "be included" in email using the Celery device and service, which automatically prints incoming emails for them, and instantly sends their outgoing pen-and-paper messages as email.

Celery Computerless Email: Send and Receive Email by Fax without a Computer or Internet Access


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