In the world of donors there are only so many, and it seems there are so many more waiting for a donor organ that what is available.  Some in the story seemed shocked that a “perfect” organ was not used, but if you are in a situation where your own organs have ceased to function, there may not be a lot of choice and we know the alternative. 

Once more breakthroughs occur in the regenerative surgery areas with those grown from stem cells, no doubt patients will have the absolute potential to receive a well functioning organ, but in the case of a transplant we have to remember that the organ was functioning in the body of the donor before it became available.  BD 

London, England (CNN) -- A widespread shortage of organs for transplantation means surgeons are forced to use "less than ideal" organs -- a practice that can have deadly consequences.

In October 2009, the inquest into the death of British soldier Corporal Matthew Millington revealed he had received a double lung transplant from a donor who may have smoked up to 50 cigarettes a day.

Why transplants use 'imperfect' organs -


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