Be aware of these, I watch for them all the time as they seem to get cagier all the time.  Watch especially for those windows that tell you that you imagehave a virus, a warning that comes from a web page, not your anti virus software, big targets there that usually load up a Trojan Horse. 

600 additional people have become members of the “free credit monitoring club” today.  This makes me reflect back on this post from earlier this year, it’s not only EHR training, but all over PC training sometimes.  BD

The Medical Quack: One Hell of a Training Program Needed – The ...

A faculty doc at UC San Francisco fell for an email phishing scam, opening up access to personal information on some 600 patients and others to hackers, the university said yesterday.

The school didn’t identify the doctor involved in the breach, which took place in September, and it said there’s no indication that the hackers actually accessed the emails, which contained demographic and clinical data in most cases. Those whose privacy was compromised have been notified, UCSF said.

The physician replied to a scam email seeking user name and password information. The request was named to look like it had come from UCSF workers who were involved with upgrading security on UCSF’s computer system, according to a report today in the San Francisco Chronicle.

UCSF Doc Falls for Phishing Scam, Exposes Patient Data - Health Blog - WSJ


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