We have here one more effort with health insurance companies seeing the technology end of healthcare as being a profitable move.  Again I look and see the imagetremendous amount of money being spent in this area and wonder eventually how it will all be affordable at some point in time.  Other carriers such as United have a slew of of technology services that run algorithmic formulas in an effort to keep cost down and in turn find higher yields for investors and they too purchased a company in a similar business.

In addition, they are offering a software solution for those physicians who do not have an electronic medical records system to download and use their own internal EHR system to be able t achieve meaningful use, so yet one more item for the imageselection process for medical records available.  We have so many systems out there today and not enough collaboration as we are almost drowning with innovation but for the long term future that won’t cut it as costs will enter the picture and at some point there will be some days of reckoning.  Innovation is fine for entrepreneurs alone, but in healthcare it can’t stand on its own.  With so many different data systems it could stand to be the next bubble to burst as technology is changing every day and somewhat makes it difficult to predict so again collaboration on new technologies instead of 100 different directions would really help, as doctors too are getting worn down with having to learn so many different sets of software too. 

Health IT The Next Bubble and How Long Will It Take to Pop–Probably When The Money Runs Out

In other news with Aetna, the former CEO, Ron Williams has accepted a seat on the board of Boeing with the audit and finance committee, and where else would one expect him to be in that circle.  BD 

Aetna Inc. agreed to acquire Medicity for about $500 million, boosting its presence in the electronic health-records sector.

Medicity's products and services enable health systems, hospitals, physicians and others to securely access and exchange health-care information. Such technology has received political support as advocates say it would improve the quality and efficiency of care and reduce costs.

Aetna to Pay $500 Million for Electronic Health-Records Firm Medicity - WSJ.com


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