As if we have not had enough changes, here’s one more in the making.  From what I am reading here it appears this was “in the works” a while back and not knowing the specifics on the Verizon Terremark data center, it’s hard to comment specifically but we do know that there were issues and hosting services has to be fixed and upgraded to allow for more bandwidth a while back amongst other issues with code.

HHS/CMS Pulls An “Allscripts” Mistake–”Code’s Not Done With Healthcare.Gov”…And Did Anyone Look at the Oracle and Microsoft “Turnkey” State Health Insurance Platforms…There’s a Time and Place for Open Source And The Insurance Exchanges Are Not It Right Now..

The most disturbing item here to me anyway is the fact that the site is not “backed up”, and that issue makes no sense not to have a couple mirrors going, other than the fact that the code at it’s current state is so unstable that it doesn’t leave itself open to run on other configurations of hardware.  The contract with Terremark (Verizon) ends in March of 2014.  I’m sure there’s reasons given but gee, the DOE has  one of the fastest computers in the world that gives out space and had projects hosted, so why don’t the two agencies work together if they want server performance?  This would certainly take care of any hardware issues with performance:)

US Captures The Top Number For the Most Powerful Computer in the World–First Time Since 2009 - IBM Sequoia At the DOE Lab In California

Here’s an example…and I think Healthcare. Gov would be a qualifying project…at least by today’s news accountings and compared to other projects they host, this would be small by comparison.   

1.7 Billion Super Computer Hours Awarded by the DOE–Biomedical Research Projects Included for Parkinson’s and Cancer

Again as revealed, the code is not done so there’s the impact for the small businesses to enroll.  Businesses and employees can use insurance brokers instead to sign up and again I think it’ time to do a “re-think” with the law being of a static nature with having to deal with all the every day changing business models of insurers as the two can’t mix very well.  BD

Accountable Care Act–Needs To Take Time Out and Re-Group, Implementing a “Static” Law With Current Day Complex Insurance, Banking and Other Daily Changing Business Intelligence Quantitative Math Models Is Becoming Impossible to Manage, One More Delay Announced

The Department of Health and Human Services will replace Verizon Communications Inc. VZ -0.24% 's Terremark subsidiary as its web-hosting provider for the federal health-insurance marketplace, according to people familiar with the matter, presenting a new challenge to the rollout of the Obama administration's signature health-care initiative.

HHS won't renew its contract with Terremark and instead awarded a new contract over the summer to Hewlett-Packard Co. HPQ +9.05% to host the website, the people said.

The Terremark web-hosting data center hosts key elements of the federal site,, as well as a digital juncture used to exchange information between, state-run exchanges, federal agencies and insurers. The website, which serves 36 states, has experienced a number of technical problems since launching Oct. 1, including crashes that blocked consumers from enrolling in new health plans under the law and outages of Verizon's data center.

The Department of Health and Human Services designed the website to handle failures within the application, but its design didn't include a full backup version of the site in a different data center, said people familiar with the matter. is still housed within a single data center and doesn't have a backup, said the people.


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