There’s a not a whole lot of explanation needed here as you probably rememberimage what Israel did in Haiti, like first on the scene there.  They flew in with their 747s and set up shop.  The found a hospital with a damaged roof, fixed it and went to work seeing patients.  In Haiti they had to use their own portable buildings. 

Bogo City is where they set up.  The first baby born was named “Israel”.  They will be providing medical aid as well as search-and-rescue services to those affected by Typhoon Haiyan.

The US hospital ship the “Mercy” will also be in route soon for the Philippines which is docked in San Diego. The  USS George Washington and accompanying ships arrived off  on Thursday evening, carrying 5,000 crew and more than 80 aircraft.  China also has a huge state of the art hospital ship and has not offered much relief at all for the Philippines and they are the closest and I guess we shall see if that changes at all.  As always though, Israel is first on the scene with medical help.  BD

And here’s the baby…


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