I guess it is because I see so much of it and it all runs together after a while with clearinghouse services, online payment options, claims consulting and a Suite of Algorithms that will make your healthcare IT worries vanish (grin). 

Experian is also part of the Healthcare. Gov long list of contractors.  Their part is the questions you answer so they can verify with public and other information on the web that you are who you say you are.  So when you see those questions, that’s Experian doing that part of the project and if they can’t certify imageit’s you and get credit information,  then you get to call them.     Experian’s technology has been around for a long time with this and I remember Allscripts with their free e-prescribing solution is where I saw it first in action with helping doctors enroll.  The crazy thing about it is that some of the questions they are make you feel like they know more about you than “you do”.  I have been through the questions gambit a few times and I even I have missed a couple questions as heck I can’t remember as far back as they go sometimes or there’s a “context” type of question where I read the other way, the reverse of what the question is programmed to recognize as the right answer.

at $850 Million for Passport Health, the algorithms are way over priced!  Sure there’s value here but a bit shy of a billion?  Time to de-valuate some algorithms so folks can afford some of these products again.  When you look at hospitals their profits are all over the place.  If it wasn’t for donations, some hospitals would be hurting a lot worse today.

Hospital Profits and Revenue All Over the Place–Tenet Shows $28 Million While a Non Profit UPMC in Pennsylvania Has Excess Revenues of a Billion a Year & Hospital Revenue Cycling Subsidiaries Compete With Those Owned And Operated by Insurance Company Subsidiaries…

Experian sells you data as well so another one of those companies making millions or maybe billions selling personal data.   Who knows maybe next week we might here they joined the UnitedHealthcare Data selling club?  The CEO of Mayo seems to be doing commercials to get all and any to join. 

It was just a few weeks ago that Experian got duped and sold all kinds of consumer data including social security numbers and more to scam of identity thieves, makes you feel real good, right?  I keep telling everyone all the actions take place in the subsidiaries and this was no exception as Court Ventures, a subsidiary of Experian sold it.  

So again I think Experian is a fool to pay this much but I guess Passport must have some decent revenue on the books?  Anyway, with all the data selling I still think it is time to license and excise tax the data sellers out there.  Here’s a video and game that exploits how bad this is too with the amount of flawed data really on the rise as nobody cares except the consumer when they screw it up and we are free labor to fix all the data they profit on.  About half of the analytics out there as I said a while back will be a waste of money.  BD

Data Selling Game Now Exploits the Non Regulated Billion Dollar Epidemic–”Data Dealer” The Attack of the Killer Algorithms Gamified

Experian, the Dublin-based credit-score giant, plans to expand its reach in U.S. healthcare payments with an $850 million deal to acquire Passport Health Communications from private equity investors, management and employees.
Passport Health, Franklin, Tenn., sells technology that allowsimage providers to manage payments between patients, commercial payers and government programs through a common user interface.

Experian entered the U.S. healthcare market in 2008 with its acquisition of SearchAmerica, which helps hospitals manage their billings and cash flows. Three years later, the company added Medical Present Value for its presence in physician practices and clinics, as well as its insurance claims capabilities.



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