Once in a while, it’s interesting to look at other countries and how they are doing.  In Australia so few people used the system it was costing $200,000 per person. image There are only a few hundred doctors uploading records into the system.  In Australia it’s a little different than here with the patient being in control of their records.  Just a couple months ago doctors were starting to quit over this and they want control of the medical records.  Doctors contribute of course but the patients have the ultimate control. 

Doctors in Australia Quitting Out of Frustration Over Government e-Health Medical Records Program and Want to Be Paid For the Time They Spend And Want It Simplified

Now an evaluation is in process and the National E-Health Transition Authority is said to have lacked the skills to get the job going properly.  Doctors don’t like the system either as they say it’s too complex we hear the same in the US.  A lot of emergency rooms have deployed scribes because of that.  BD

A lack of software had prevented many doctors even accessing patient records.

"The problem is that the former government spent about $1 billion in this area and the number of people actively using the records numbers in the thousands,'' he told Sky News. "There are only a few hundred doctors actually uploading details into people's files. It has been a scandal. On those numbers it runs at about $200,000 a patient.''

Executive director of the UnitingCare Health Group in Queensland, Richard Royle, who is also vice president of the Australian Private Hospitals Association, has been given the job of reviewing the program.



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