This is kind of interesting since Blue Cross of all the major carriers is participating big time with the exchanges and now wants consumers to call them direct.  Yesterday thought it really got bad with HHS and CMS not being honest about all the code being written for the “financial transactions” being even started.  I had my rant with that and why they chose to write code from the bottom up with a short time frame is beyond me.  I guess this must have come out when Sebelius sat down and had the site crash on her in Florida, but she’s got bees in her bonnet and dislikes technology anyway, body language and speeches say it all. 

HHS/CMS Pulls An “Allscripts” Mistake–”Code’s Not Done With Healthcare.Gov”…And Did Anyone Look at the Oracle and Microsoft “Turnkey” State Health Insurance Platforms…There’s a Time and Place for Open Source And The Insurance Exchanges Are Not It Right Now..

Now in addition to all the complexities of insurance and let’s not forget who created a lot of them, insurers, they now to bring in their Quants to create new “math business models” just like the banks and hedge funds use.  Look at the classifieds, more insurers now are hiring “Quants”…how many actuaries write C++ or Python?  That’s what this takes to develop “insurer profit models”.  I explain a lot of this and there’s my Algo Duping video page as well that shows exactly what Quants do.  Subprime anyone?  It could not have occurred without Quants and the models so same thing going on here and there are good models that we all need and use too, but keep in mind there’s always that other side and it did show it’s big ugly face during subprime. I think everyone should be exposed to the truth and methodologies used and you don’t have to be a mathematician but rather just understand the processes and how servers running 24/7 make life impacting decisions about all of use and make other even richer. 

President Obama’s Decision to Extend Insurance Polices Will Help Consumers While Insurers Bring Out Their Quants to Re-Design Their Business Intelligence Profit Models-And Are We Over Segmented In Practice?

Nobody has ever been asked to be accountable for their math either..way over what the government can do it seems and I keep saying the Feds should hire an army of quants so they know what goes on with the other side.  We have useless folks like Richard Cordray that is building a data base so he can learn…we don’t have time for that either.  BD

Richard Cordray, Fail With Understanding Flawed Models and Algorithms -Big Case of“Algo Duping”With Big Data-Save Time, Hire Quants Who Know How Consumer Financial Models Are Built and Function…Geez

A couple of days ago, I received two letters from my health insurance company.

One welcomed me to its autopay system -- which was a touch odd, given that I had been in its autopay system for many years.

The second told me that I was about to have my health insurance cut off, as I hadn't paid my monthly bill.

Please forgive me, then, if I'm not bathed in admiration for the way health insurance companies do business. There is one, however, that wants me (and you) to believe it's the apogee of efficiency.

Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield wants you to know that the Obamacare Web site is just a painful affair, while its Web site will cure you of all ills.


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