We all know how untrustworthy the insurance business can be and how it’s a dog eat dog business out there as the industry feeds on a an audience to where theimage law is soon to dictate the requirement to have health insurance.  The sites were coming up as ads under Google searches so they were paying for placement spots too.  California has sent cease and desist letters and the list is below.  The domain names were similar to the official state page.

How slinky it can get by trying to capture consumers with deception as some are shopping retail sites anyway in addition to using the state insurance exchange, anything to get one up on others  and make a sale, like an online used car business if you will.  I just looked myself and it looks like the ads in Google have been removed.  In case you need it, this is the right link below or you can type it into your browser.   BD


SAN FRANCISCO -- Attorney General Kamala D. Harris today announced the removal of ten private health insurance websites that misled Californians by imitating Covered California, the state’s official insurance marketplace for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). Attorney General Harris also released tips to help consumers avoid insurance scams.

“These websites fraudulently imitated Covered California in order to lure consumers away from plans that provide the benefits of the Affordable Care Act,” Attorney General Harris said. “My office will continue to investigate and shut down these kinds of sites. I urge Californians to avoid healthcare scams by visiting coveredca.com.”

To date, all website operators who have been contacted by the Attorney General’s office have complied, and the following websites have been either deactivated or redirected to the official exchange website:













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