Dr. Halamka gives a very candid interview here going back to how he got started with technology imageand then medicine.  He does set a lot of the standards in Health IT today as he’s one of those rare “finds” that has two areas of focus being an emergency care MD as well as a computer scientists.  He gives his opinions of the Affordable Care Act and his thoughts with needing the data to provide better care.  He built the IT infrastructure for Harvard Medical over the last couple of years. 

He talks now about how compared to 5 years ago that people are much more informed and know what the healthcare tech discussions are.  He talks about his “care management” model and how the data is analyzed and used.  He focuses on prevention and how the technology is evolving there and the processes with “people” versus IT is what’s making the difference. 

O’Reilly–Dr. John Halamka

In addition here’s another video conversation with former US CTO Aneesh Chopra which is very good as well.  Once you get beyond the first 4 minutes of “Aneesh” talk it gets good with questions asked and discussed.  At the end Chopra does his pitch for data and the the Heritage Group for some additional carrots.  Chopra always over hits this and his true roots come out with some real pitching for their Crimson Analytics.   By the way Jeffrey Zients who is now the trouble shooter for the Healthcare. Gov website was the chairman chief executive officer and chief operating officer of the Advisory Board Company where Chopra worked before being the US CTO and where he returned to work. 

Aneesh Chopra Former US Chief Technology Officer Returns to “The Advisory Board Company” Publicly Traded on NASDAQ That Sells Software Consulting & Analytics

Here Meaningful Use Stage 2 is discussed and the involvement of the patient as well as error factors that arise with healthcare data, as it’s there too with pregnant men for one example that shows up in data queries. 

O’Reilly-Dr. John Halamka (and chatty Chopra)

Dr. Halamka talks about “modular” applications and platforms being built on top of large EMR companies with APIs.  In addition Dr. Halamka talks about personal health records and the value of patients being able to see all of their data at Harvard.  He says it has made a big difference and at the very end the “Big Chopra” ad for the “carrot” contest to write code for the Care Transformation prize, one of those “Cash for Code” projects where the developers are barely compensated.  Overall though putting the Chopra advertising sections aside, this is a very good discussion.  BD



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