This is probably one of the best off the wall interviews with Bill Gatesimage that I have seen, and there’s plenty of humor and he discusses a bit about his personal life and how Microsoft grew from the early days.  He talks a bit about Steve Jobs and Apple and how they were friendly competitors and they financial help Microsoft gave them.  It is funny listening to him talking about how he dropped out of Harvard. 

The big focus here in the last half is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and how Warren Buffet and Bill Gates got together and play a lot of Bridge with each other.  He chats about folks coming to him for money all the time and how he deals with it. 

What excites him is getting rid of Polio when asked about what gets him going.  Bill Gates talks about there are tons of things he’s not good at and he looks for the experts to help him. 

Bill Gates–Unwired, The Harvard Campaign…

Will he ever slow down, Bill Gates says probably in his 80s he will slow down..and will he in his 80s come back and get his degree.  Gates takes a lot of online university courses and recommends them for all.


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