Sure the entire purpose here is to use this software platform to work with the Greenway Medical Record program used by the doctors or nurse practitioners at the retail clinics. I’ll tell you Walgreens is making a bundle selling data like around a billion a year and anymore when I see platforms like this added in I go straight to their privacy page which you can read here.  It’s one of those “clear as mud” cookie cutter pages you see everywhere on the web today.  Not too long ago Walgreens said they were making any medical records available anywhere in their system so which would mean pharmacist access. 

Walgreens Expands Take Care EHR Medical Records to be Available at All Drug Store Locations for Reference–Not For Me I’d Rather Use My PHR And Choose What I Want To Share…

Here’s where the data selling comes in on the “researchers” page.  Even CMS is selling access to their Medicare data.  It’s the data selling epidemic in the US.  Way too many resources and people with much too little time to use a lot of it.  Journalists are the ones more like to use it than others and if you view the link below you can watch a video on how they “interview a data base” versus people a lot of the time anymore.  With the way the news agencies are going today, perhaps before too much longer they may not be able to afford all these “research” subscriptions for their writers. 

CMS Announces Their Data Sharing (Selling) Tool For Researchers For A Fee, Can Include Potential Use With “Interviewing a Data Base” for Journalists (Video)

I just follow the data and the money when writing here.  I try to avoid Walgreens, Rite Aid and CVS any more as much as I can as it bugs me to death to keep hearing the over head speakers dousing me over and over about flu shots, it repeats and then in Spanish and over again.  A small sign on it’s own would be better.  I am getting to where I hate all the advertising noise anymore as it distracts me from what “I” want to accomplish.  But I guess soon when all the smaller pharmacies are bought up by the conglomerates I’ll be stuck like everyone else.  I turn my phone off to avoid ads for sure when in the store as well as the GPS locator and so far here in California we don’t have the pharmacists on pay for performance bonuses from United Healthcare.  If that doesn’t make enough money they are buying more liquor licenses too:)

Walgreens Using Social Networks to Send Ads To Mobile Phones for Promotional Sale Items When You Check In at the Store –Will Sperm Check Make the List?

Don’t get me wrong I like the intelligence data brings forward when done right, otherwise I would not have spent a few years writing an EMR a ways back. So far as I read this the program is for payer members only so guess who gets and supplies all your data.  Again there’simage nothing wrong with having more information for a better diagnosis but can leave out the selling patient data for profit?  You will get a copy of your encounter if you want one and your doctor will get a copy but the data selling part of this has to support the technology I am guessing.   

“During a visit, the clinician will be able to use the data to confirm a diagnosis, identify and close gaps in care, and provide counseling on medication adherence, Helle says. Information about each patient encounter is stored in Walgreens’ electronic health record, so will be available for reference during follow-up visits at the clinic. As a standard part of each of those encounters, a summary of the visit is shared with the patient’s primary care physician as a structured SOAP note. The patient also receives insight into their particular health issues that they should follow up with their provider, she says.”

And of course more than likely you will be slated for an assessment…all the software out there today brags about their assessments and the algorithms that determine when one is needed.  Anyway, this is the next thing you will encounter at the Walgreen retail clinics slated to start in September.  BD 

Deerfield, Ill.-based Walgreen Co. has introduced an analytics platform (the Electronic Patient Assessment Solution Suite, or ePASS, supplied by Inovalon, Inc., Bowie, Md.) at its network of walk-in clinics that is says will help reduce gaps in care. Heather Helle, divisional vice president of the Healthcare Clinic, says the retail drug chain began a rolling launch of the platform in its clinics in September, and says she expects it to be “broadly available” at the national drug chain’s clinics.

Inovalon is a business associate of more than 100 major health plans in the U.S., which cover roughly half of the insured population. Its ePASS platform aggregates patient data from administrative claims, medication prescription and adherence and history, diagnostic results, provider encounter history, and other data sets such as abstracted medical records. That data is supplemented by a large healthcare research data set. It uses that information to provide insight into the full member profile and gaps in care, assessment and documentation.


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